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Leaving a comment on a friend’s blog forced me to sign in here. It has been a long time and much has happened. My life isn’t remotely the same life as it was when I wrote the last post. I have moved twice, this last time, recently, on my own. Mr. Army Guy and I are no longer. Without getting into the gory details, he lives in another city now, with another woman. Learning to uncouple has been hard work and I’m not sure that I’m there yet. But I will be. I am a work in progress.

About sandyjager

When my husband was transferred by the Canadian Forces to Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 2011, life as I knew it changed. None of my previous experiences prepared me for how different life was going to be. Fortunately, my inability to tolerate boredom means that I have lots of things to keep me busy - knitting, spinning, sewing, cooking, fitness and art. I will be sharing my latest exploits here, so stay tuned!

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