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Playing in the (Sour)Dough

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A chat on Ravelry about hot cross buns got the husband and I searching for recipes. Since we have a well-established sourdough starter, it only made sense to see if we could find something using it. But more than that, it had to have the right balance of spice and fruit with the evocative fragrance of memory. Our internet search netted this recipe from the Spice and More blog. It came together easily and the fragrance of the buns baking was mouthwatering.

Presenting “Not Cross Buns”:



Excuse me while I put the tea kettle on.

About sandyjager

When my husband was transferred by the Canadian Forces to Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 2011, life as I knew it changed. None of my previous experiences prepared me for how different life was going to be. Fortunately, my inability to tolerate boredom means that I have lots of things to keep me busy - knitting, spinning, sewing, cooking, fitness and art. I will be sharing my latest exploits here, so stay tuned!

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  1. I’m thrilled to hear that the hot cross buns worked for you and you liked them!


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