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Boldog Karácsonyt!

Christmas greetings from Budapest!

We are having unseasonably winter-like weather here, perhaps to honour our houseguests visiting from Lisbon. As they are also Canadian, they grew up with the notion that a white Christmas was highly desirable. Well, coming to Budapest for a few days was certainly one way to enjoy it! We took them around the Christmas market yesterday. It was frigid and snowing heavily, but I did manage to snap a few photos to share.

A food stall

A food stall

IMG_0876 IMG_0877

The food stall pictured above would not be complete if I didn’t also share the sign on the front:

Um, delicious?

Um, delicious?

No, we didn’t partake, though it did smell awesome.

We will be celebrating this evening with a traditional Polish Wigilia dinner, complete with barszcz (beet soup) and uszka (mushroom dumplings), salads, fish and peirogi. Tomorrow will only be semi-traditional….barbequed turkey is on the menu! My baby boy also turns 26 tomorrow, so I will be thinking of him and trying to Skype his home in Alberta.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope it is a wonderful time with family and friends, enjoying the best of the season!

About sandyjager

When my husband was transferred by the Canadian Forces to Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 2011, life as I knew it changed. None of my previous experiences prepared me for how different life was going to be. Fortunately, my inability to tolerate boredom means that I have lots of things to keep me busy - knitting, spinning, sewing, cooking, fitness and art. I will be sharing my latest exploits here, so stay tuned!

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  1. My hubby has eaten Rooster Testicle stew. Just saying. Says it is good.


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