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Eyebrow Raising

I know someone who can do what she terms “The Eyebrow of Death”. It has been known to instill fear in the hearts of her high school students. She can convey an entire conversation with a few moves of her brows. Even my darling husband has been known to encourage our sons to rethink a course of action with one raised eyebrow. I wish I could do this. Alas, I cannot. It is unfortunate, because I have seen a number of things recently that make me want to raise an eyebrow.

For instance, I came across this little number at a home improvement store. It isn’t the best picture….it had to be taken surreptitiously due to the “no photograph” policy and the security guards loitering around.

Essential home equipment?

Yes, these are stills. Apparently regular people buy these things. Which accounts for the prevalence of homemade pálinka in Hungarian homes. I’m told that this is a normal thing to do here. See my eyebrow twitching? Should I try to bring one home to Canada, just to see what Customs says?

And how about this bit of sculpture? She is most definitely creepy.

I can’t imagine the thought process behind locating this above the entrance to a hotel. Doesn’t look that bad in the photo, but trust me. It is just plain weird. This looks like it was lifted from a Tim Burton movie. I don’t think I could bring myself to walk through the doors, never mind sleep there.

And the strangest of all:

A strange vehicle on the main drag

Sorry about the crap photo, but that thing was moving and I was trying to dodge traffic. I’ve told a number of people about this phenomenon, but I don’t think they believed me. It is a bicycle. Modified for sure, but still a bike. On it sits a dozen men (yes, it is always men) pedalling like crazy and drinking beer just as fast. It’s called “The Beer Bike”. Yes, really.

Drinking and Driving

I’m afraid that I just about rolled on the ground laughing the first time I saw it. Interestingly, I always see it on one of the busiest avenues in Budapest. One can only hope that the fellow steering isn’t drinking as much as his companions. There are just so many thing I could say about this, but perhaps it is best if I just let my readers come to their own conclusions.

Sometimes I feel as if I’ve landed on another planet. But much of the time, I really wish I could convey what I’m thinking with the simple arch of an eyebrow.

About sandyjager

When my husband was transferred by the Canadian Forces to Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 2011, life as I knew it changed. None of my previous experiences prepared me for how different life was going to be. Fortunately, my inability to tolerate boredom means that I have lots of things to keep me busy - knitting, spinning, sewing, cooking, fitness and art. I will be sharing my latest exploits here, so stay tuned!

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  1. You haven’t been on the beer bike??? What are you waiting for….

  2. I saw a beer bike of sorts on the Today Show’s Olympic coverage, so I believe…

    But a still? In what looks like a perfectly normal store?! Talk about a culture shock!

    • Yeah, I had to go back and look again to be sure of what it was. Culture shock indeed! They really like their “moonshine” here!


  3. There was a beer bike on the Today Show from London! I see chanknits already told you. But I’m confirming the sighting!


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