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Daily Archives: June 16, 2012

Beach Time!

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The week was supposed to be one of relaxation and enjoyment of time at the beach. Here, on the plane journey back home, I’m wound up so tightly that I can’t sit still. I’m uncomfortable and fidgety. I’ve barely relaxed since we sat down on the three hour flight, half of which still lies ahead.

It seemed to start out okay. The trip to Malaga was uneventful, if a tad early for my natural body clock, and we arrived to brilliant sunshine. The apartment was ready for our early arrival and we dumped the suitcases, heading out to explore the resort grounds. Oh my, but it was gorgeous! Two freeform swimming pools with loungers and umbrellas awaited, as did an inviting sand beach. The gardens were amazing. A nice selection of restaurants and cafes were only a short walk away and there was a snack bar beside one of the swimming pools. We eagerly changed and headed for the water. Paradise!

Unfortunately, the accommodations didn’t live up to their promise. We woke after our first night with some sort of bites on both of us, though mine were worse than the husband’s. We hadn’t realized just how uncomfortable the bed in the master was until the next night, due to exhaustion…..that first night was the only decent sleep I had for the week. With each successive morning, the number of bites on my body multiplied, but we couldn’t locate a source. Was it possible that there were bedbugs? Maybe. The photos on the Internet looked just like mine. So the management were notified and arrangements made for an exterminator to investigate. He discovered nothing. However, my complete enjoyment of the holiday was pretty much ruined. I tried to get past it, but every time I even contemplated sleep, all I could think about were insects on my body. Ick.

We did do some exploring in the area. Marbella is so beautiful, particularly the old section of the town where we spent a full day. The food was excellent. These seafood-deprived Canadians gobbled fish like we might never see it again. We also investigated a time-share resort on the beach that we would love to invest in, should we ever have the opportunity. It operates world-wide, so we haven’t totally lost our minds, in case you were wondering. Maybe one day.

So now we head home to attack the mountain of dirty clothes in the suitcases and prepare for yet another trip, departing tomorrow. We are going to visit our Canadian headquarters, located in Germany. Apparently, the weather isn’t anything like it was on the Costa Del Sol. All I want is to be able to sleep. Without itching.