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Brush & India Ink Sketches

Today is my last art class of this session. I have mixed feelings about it. I will be happy to have a less complicated schedule – taking two classes eats up a huge portion of my week. But I will miss them. Not just the fun of making art, but also the camaraderie with the other students, many of whom are also here from other countries.

Drawing class finished yesterday with a fun brush and ink session, sketching anything and everything around the teacher’s flat. I can’t say that much of what I produced is worthy of posting online, but I had fun and learned more about what effects will and won’t work with this medium. I’ve had a blast with this class – the best thing is that I’m drawing and sketching on a regular basis again, after several years of not putting anything on paper. I think that the most valuable lesson I’m taking away is to just relax and have fun. Everything you do doesn’t have to be “ART”, it can just be marks on paper. I’m good with that.

Charcoal Still Life

Brush & Ink Dolls

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