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Okay, you might think my excitement is lame. But this is the first time in my life that a year has begun without snow in it, usually at the end of my shovel. I woke up this morning to big, fat flakes falling from the sky and a white lawn. It makes me happy.

Wonder if it will still be around at lunch time?

About sandyjager

When my husband was transferred by the Canadian Forces to Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 2011, life as I knew it changed. None of my previous experiences prepared me for how different life was going to be. Fortunately, my inability to tolerate boredom means that I have lots of things to keep me busy - knitting, spinning, sewing, cooking, fitness and art. I will be sharing my latest exploits here, so stay tuned!

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  1. Well?? Still?? We got our first snow yesterday too, but the morning sun (and temps near 40 F) has taken it away already.

  2. Did you get out to play in it? I don’t have snow – didn’t see a flake at all last year or even this year so far. I really want some. g

  3. Gail (Little Miss Sensible)

    Ohhh Lucky You! My favorite type of snow! Looking all pretty as it falls but gone by the time I want to go out! 😀


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